Ventura Durall



Violeta receives a visit from Rita, Jan's wife, a teenage love that marked her life after leaving her. Violeta is unaware that Rita's visit is Jan's first step in trying to rewrite their story.


Ventura Durall is the director of the shortfilm "El somriure amagat", selected at Sundance; documentaries such as "El perdón" or "Bugarach", recognised by the IDFA Festival; and feature films such as "Las dos vidas de Andrés Rabadán", with three Gaudi Awards and best European Film at ECU, among others. 

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Title: L'ofrena

Year: 2020

Direction: Ventura Durall

Script: Ventura Durall, Clara Roquet, Guillem Sala, Sandra Beltrán

Cast: Álex Brendemühl, Verónica Echegui, Anna Alarcón

Cinematography: Álex García

Production Companies: Nanouk Films, Fasten Films, Suica Films, Bord Cadre Films en asociación con Freestudios

shot L'ofrena
shot L'ofrena
shot L'ofrena