Uno para todos

David Ilundain



A temporary teacher assumes the task of tutoring sixth grade in a town unknown to him. When he discovers that he has to reintegrate a sick student into the classroom, he runs into an even bigger problem: none of his classmates want the student to return to class. 


David Ilundain is the director of the feature film "B", about the Spanish politician Luis Bárcenas, Special Feroz Award winner, Días de Cine Award winner, and three Goya Awards nominations. "Uno para todos" ("One for all") is his second feature film. 
International Distribution: Film Factory

[National Distribution: A Contracorriente Films] (

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Title: Uno para todos

Year: 2020

Length: 94'

Direction: David Ilundain

Script: Coral Cruz, Valentina Viso

Cast: David Verdaguer, Patricia López Arnaiz, Ana Labordeta, Clara Segura

Production Companies: Inicia Films, Fasten Films en coproducción con Acontracorriente Films, Uno para todos la película AIE, Bolo Audiovisual y Amalur Pictures AIE

shot Uno para todos
shot Uno para todos
shot Uno para todos