Yo la busco

Sara Gutiérrez Galve



Max and Emma share a flat in peace and harmony… until she decides to move in with a mutual friend. Max then enters an inexplicable limbo, a vital crisis that is very similar to a duel for his lost youth and that leads him to get lost one night in Barcelona in what will finally be a dizzying night.


SARA GUTIÉRREZ (Barcelona, 1994). Graduated in Visual Communication in University Pompeu Fabra, Gutiérrez finished her studies in University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She collaborates with Nanouk Films, where she produces music videos, short films and spots. “Yo la busco” is her first feature film.

Title: Yo la busco

Year: 2018

Length: 82'

Direction: Sara Gutiérrez Galve

Script: Sara Gutiérrez Galve, Núria Roura Benito

Cast: Dani Casellas, Laia Vidal, Carla Linares, Oriol Esquerda

Cinematography: Carlos Rigo

Editing: Katia Armesco, Marc Roca

Production Companies: Nanouk Films, Fasten Films

shot Yo la busco
shot Yo la busco
shot Yo la busco