Puta y amada

Marc Ferrer



Marcos and his two friends, Zaida and Júlia, embark on a series of superficial relationships that will make them go from the purest selfishness to the need for company of the loved one. This moral comedy about the end of youth and the de-idealization of the world is also a portrait of this Barcelona, whore and beloved, in which they are immersed.


MARC FERRER (Barcelona, 1984). He has directed several short films, among them “Los últimos románticos” (Sitges Film Festival) and music videos for Papa Topo (“Sangre en los zapatos”, “Enero”, “Ópalo negro”), and for La prohibida (“La Publiccitá”). He has worked as a Director on films such as “Nos parecía importante” (D’A Film Festival 2016), “La maldita primavera” (D’A Film Festival 2017, Atlantida Film Fest 2017), “Puta y amada” (D’A Film Festival 2018).

Title: Puta y amada

Year: 2018

Length: 62'

Direction: Marc Ferrer

Script: Marc Ferrer

Cast: Júlia Betrian, Zaida Carmona, Marc Ferrer, Adrià Arbona, Yurena, Nausicaa Bonnín

Cinematography: Marc Ferrer, Cristina Capote

Editing: Marc Ferrer

Production Companies: Marc Ferrer, Fasten Films

shot Puta y amada
shot Puta y amada
shot Puta y amada